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Terms & Conditions

Megcart Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Megcart.com (the ''Site''). The Site, its subsidiaries, all of its divisions and all other affiliated Internet sites which may be established in the near future shall be governed by these terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions).

It will be implied that by accessing and using the Site, you understand and agree to these Terms & Conditions. If you disagree with these Terms & Conditions, then you shall not use the Site. Megcart holds the right to modify, add, remove or change parts of these Terms & Conditions of use. Changes can be made at any time and will be effective from the time of their posting on the website. The Site is under no obligation to provide prior notice of such changes. We would advise you to check Terms & Conditions regularly for any updates. After changes in these Terms & Conditions, your continued use of our website implies that you have agreed to such changes.


All persons above the age of 18 can access this website. Minors shall access it under the supervision of their parents or a legal guardian. Under these described Terms & Conditions, you are granted a non-transferable and revocable license to access the Site. This license is only for the purpose of doing online shopping for items being sold on the Site. We strictly prohibit the commercial use or use on behalf of third party. Exception can be made if you have taken our permission in advance. The license granted by the Site in this paragraph is subject to immediate revocation without prior notice, if we find you have breached these Terms & Conditions.

The content we provide on this website is only for informational purposes. All of the images and descriptions of the products are provided by the vendors/merchants and none of these are made by the Site. Submissions or comments made on the Site are of the individuals and may not reflect the Site's opinions.

On our website, certain services and features related to those services may be made available from time to time. You may be required to get registered or subscribe to use such services. In case you choose to subscribe or register for such services or related features, you have to provide current and accurate information about yourself. If there are any changes in the future, you have to update that information promptly. It is solely the responsibility of every user of the Site to keep his login passwords and other account details safe and secure. All activities which may occur under such password or account, the account owner will be entirely responsible for such activities. In case, any unauthorized use of your account or password occurs, you have to notify us immediately. The Site cannot be held liable or responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss of any kind due to such unauthorized use, or in connection with, if you fail to comply with this section.

Upon registering on our website, you agree to receive our promotional emails and newsletters. Afterwards, you can opt out of receiving such emails. At the bottom of every promotional email, there is a link to unsubscribe. You just have to click on this link.


You submissions on website and/or anything you provide to us, including reviews, questions, suggestions, comments and other types of submissions will become our exclusive and sole property and in any case shall not return to you. Also other than the rights applicable to all type of submissions, you also grant us full rights to use the name with which you post reviews, comments or other content on our website. When submitting reviews, comments, questions or other such content, you shall not provide a false email address, or use someone other's email address or otherwise try to mislead us or third parties regarding the origin of such submissions. In such cases, the Site is not obligated to edit or remove such submissions.


Please note that in some cases an order cannot be processed due to several reasons. At any given time, the Site holds the right to cancel or refuse any order on the basis of any reason. Sometimes, we may ask you to provide additional information or verifications, before your order can be processed. This information includes but not limited to address and phone number.

In order to prevent any fraud or identity theft with debit or credit card, the Site reserves the right to acquire validation of payment details before dispatching the product and to validate the payment information you provide us. This information can include verification of an identity, banking information check or place of residence. If you fail to answer such a demand, this will automatically lead to cancellation of the order within 48 hours. In case we suspect a danger of fraudulent use of debit or credit card, we reserve the right to stop the processing of the order and cancel it.

We aim to provide the most exact pricing details to our users who are accessing our website; however errors can occur which can lead to incorrect display of pricing of an item. In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse shipment of the item. Sometimes it may occur that an item is mispriced. In such cases, we may at our own discretion; either we communicate this error or cancel the order and send you an email to notify you. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse such orders whether the order has been confirmed or not and your card has been charged.


In the Site, all registered or unregistered intellectual property rights, all information content and the website design of the Site, including but not limited to graphics, text, photos, software, music, sound, video, their arrangement and selection on the website, all software compilations, the underlying source code shall remain the sole property of the Site. All of these are protected by copyright under Pakistani copyright laws and other international laws. All rights are reserved.


Any controversies, differences or disputes which may arise out of the performance, interpretation or implementation of these Terms and Conditions, will be settled through arbitration of a single arbitrator which will be appointed under the rules laid down by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The arbitrator shall be independent of both parties and a legally trained person who has specific knowledge of information technology field. The language used during the arbitration proceedings shall be English. In such cases, the verdict of arbitrator shall be binding and final and shall be enforced according to the rules laid down by the Arbitration Act 1995 Chapter No. 4. Nevertheless the aforementioned, we reserve the right to protect the intellectual property rights and personal information of our customers through equitable relief via competent courts.


These above mentioned Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted under the laws enforced in Pakistan. Hereby, each party agrees to submit any dispute to the jurisdiction of competent courts and to waive any objections.


We reserve the right to immediately terminate these Terms and Conditions or revoke any or all the rights grated to our customers under these Terms and Conditions without giving you any prior notice. This can occur in addition to any other available legal or equitable remedies. Once the termination of these Terms and Conditions has occurred, this will immediately lead to cease your access to use the Site. In this case, we may in addition to any other legal remedies, promptly revoke all accounts details and identifications and shall deny the access to the whole or part of the Site. However, this kind of termination shall not affect the obligations and rights of both parties arising prior to the termination. The Site is not liable to any customer as a result of such termination of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any terms, rules, conditions, guidelines, policies or practices of the Site, your sole remedy is to discontinue usage of the Site.